Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wall Squats All Day!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Friday, April 9, 2010

Stability Ball / Balance training equals fun!

Friday, April 9, 2010
Week 14 Stability ball balance training!

Training core is crucial to becoming fit and healthy. Not only does core specific training help in shaping a great looking midsection it provides so many more benefits.

Why does my back ache?
In a nutshell.. when one muscle group is weaker, the opposing muscle group will take
over and compensate for it. Many people suffer from back pain that can be helped by developing a strong core.

Why is core training 'functional'?

When we train core, I like to work in functional training moves. Finding out what
my client's life is like outside of the gym gives me insight on how to develop exercises that will help them be better at their day to day activities.

One of my clients is very particular about keeping her house neat. She told me that she loves to entertain so keeping her house tidy is part of her preperation. However, she said, she can't bend to vaccume and lifting the vaccume up and down stairs is not an option. This made her sad. We are working very specifically on exercises to strenghthen her body so those activies will come easier for her.

Why are you on that ball?
You technically can't be 'balanced' until you are 'unbalanced'. Once you start training for balance your 'brain and body start to connect and your body mind will know what you are asking it to do. Life happens on one leg at a time. Most people have mishaps and injuries when stepping off curbs, tripping, basically on one leg= off balance. We train in balance moves such as these to help our 'software' (brain) connect to the 'hardware' (body).
Keeping the core strong and balance training gives us our bodies the ability to reduce risks of injuries from slipping, tripping or simply being caught off guard.

We lined up two Stability Balls and held plank. I asked the other team mates to tap the ball to add extra instability to the exercise. This is hard, but lots of fun!


And just for fun.. Our sculpt class working on Plank on the Stability Balls. These two ladies are sooo funny. I asked them to tap the ball for extra 'instability' and it went a little crazy.


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