Saturday, April 23, 2011

I don't know what you did to me, but I'm sore and I like it

Saturday, April 23, 2011
Saturday's Tabata scores wowed even the other gym members today. Some people think
we don't work very hard nor do we see results in Sleek Body Boot Camp. Well, our
tribe brought their A game on this morning's Saturday Crew workout.

8:00 am moves were

Rocket launchers (1 low jump squat with 1 plyo jump equals 1 rep)
Heavy Pants
Jack Knife
Push ups (blame Rob)

Total Scores are
Henry: 503
Rob 553
Matt: 654
Andrea: 541
Barbara: 498
Laura: 704
Abby: 578

Total 4031 9am Crew
Drills were
Rocket Launchers
Push ups
Jack Knives
Mt. Climbers
Danille 605
Liz(who did Chibatta which is bread) 540
Jeannie 515
Kate 518
Anne 820
Karen 682
Rebecca 630
Pam 603
total 4913
Total SBBC reps for today were 8944 in 16 minutes of work!
Come join us and let's see what your score is!
A special Shout out to Wednesday's tabata scores
with Sleekologist Kim
Plie Jump Squats
Squat Thrusts
Shoulder Push Ups
Jack Knives
5:30 Tabata #’s
Erin 433
Andrea R 373
Rebecca 507
Christine 467
Erica 496
Andrea P. 620
Meredith 429
Total 3335 WOW
Great week!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tabata makes you Hotta

Sunday, April 3, 2011
Saturday's Tabata was another exercise in sheer will. Each one of our bootcampers
completed 4 cycles of 8 rounds of full body movement at their highest level of effort.

Our drills were:

Jump squats
Jack Knives
Heavy Pants

Each bootcamper worked at their own level and their own modifications. Some modified
pushups some did not. Each person however exercised the strictest form.

Our scores are not totaled to compete with each other, but to celebrate the accomplishments.
One thing I noticed that each person has a point in their cycles where their reps were lower
yet they were able to push past and beat their best scores. Huge deal!

Here they are:

Karen 646
Kim 598
Daniel 514
Caleena 414
Jonna 489
Danielle 616
Pam 615
Stephanie 513
Matt 735
Laura 594
Tracy 671
Rob 667
Our total was 7072 reps in a 16 minute work cycle. Come join our workouts!

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