Friday, September 29, 2000

Starbucks VIA and Shakeology Recipe

Friday, September 29, 2000
Starbucks Via and Shakeology
Shakeology and Starbucks VIA

Today, Rob and I headed into Starbucks for our post BootCamp class coffee and were given a sample of VIA Ready Brew coffee.

This is not your grandparents instant coffee:

I had heard that Starbucks was going to market instant coffee and I was sure I was going to have to pass on that. My only reference for instant is the Taster's Choice decaf my gram made in the microwave. I don't have a clue how she drank that for 35 years. I couldn't get it to go down.
It was little freeze dried crystals that disolved into mud and it was DECAF!
Good grief.. where do I begin????

Starbucks VIA
comes in little travel packets that are
easy to mix with hot water. The powder is not chunky and it mixes
very easily. It is not sweetened, just 100% Arabica Coffee.

This will come in so handy when we visit my parents in South East Missouri.

I love ya mom and dad, but how does your town not have a Starbucks???

How does it taste?

It tastes just like.. STARBUCKS! Smooth, delicious and it looks and smells like fresh brewed! Rob and I sampled the Italian Roast but it also comes in Columbian.

The paring of the Gods:
We bought a box of VIA Italian Roast and I set out to create my own
VIA Mocha using Shakeology and coffee. Ahhh.. two of my favorite things.

I mixed a packet of VIA and a half a cup of room temperature water in the blender. You can't add VIA to COLD liquids because it could get lumpy.
Always just disolve it in a little tempid liquid before you make your icy drink.

Next I added almond milk and a scoop of Chocolate
Shakeology. I also added Flax meal but that's my flax obsession taking over...

Don't forget the ice. I blended it up and it was AWESOME!

Next time I will use only half a packet of VIA because I want a
more Mocha flavor and I think too much competes with the Chocolate.

Is it wrong that I wanted a big whip cream mountain on top of it???

You can get Starbucks VIA at your local Starbucks or go to for more info. This week you can take the VIA challenge and get a free cup of Coffee!

Get your Shakeology here!!!

What is your favorite Shakeology Recipe????



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