Friday, July 29, 2011

Elderberry for colds and flu

Friday, July 29, 2011
It's not exactly "colds and flu" time, but I've had a few clients tell me they are not feeling well. I wanted to share a natural product that is amazing if you want to ward off colds and flu.

I work in a gym and that's a breeding ground for germs. I spent many of my years with an ongoing cold. Bleh.

I was told by a nutrtion guru that Israeli pilots use Sambucol to stop colds and flu. Pilots are grounded until they are well, usually two days. The Elderberry encapsulates the virus and ushers it out of your body. That was a good enough explaination for me. I did a little research and found the NaturalPedia's page on Elderbery

From "the naturalpedia" "Commonly used to fight the flu, hayfever, colds, and coughs, a compound found in elderberry flowers and berries prevents viruses from invading the respiratory system. An article in Pediatric News in 1997 praised elderberry for its flu-fighting abilities. So, if you're feeling slightly ill or if you have a full-blown cold, drink three cups of elderberry tea per day for a couple of days. The tea, especially good if mixed with yarrow or peppermint, should have you feeling better. Or take two 500-milligram capsules per day for up to four days."
- Brenda Adderly, The Complete Guide to Nutritional Supplements: Everything You Need to Make Informed Choices for Optimum Health (Get the book.)

When I begin to feel the first inklings of a cold, I start my protocol of Sambucol syrup. I take one tablespoon every 4 hours and I'm usually over it by the third dose. I also use Emergen C vitamin C packet every other dose of Sambucol.

I'm not a doc, obviously, but these two items have kept me from being down with a cold or flu for quite some time.

You have to take Sambucol as soon as you begin to feel your cold coming on. Don't wait! I have tried straight Elderberry syrup and had good results but Sambucol has given me better results.

I tell myself that If I do this protocol and I still come down with a cold or flu it must be one that was meant to be. But for our family, we've had almost no colds and flu since we started with Sambucol.

The syrup is available on Amazon but Wal-mart and CSV have the chewable ones. I keep the chewables in my gym bag for emergencies, however I think the liquid is by far superior.


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