Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Body Beautiful Formula for Permanent Weight Loss!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Eat Clean Diet Recharged
Picture yourself with the last 'diet book' you'll ever need.

Have you ever wondered
"What should I eat to lose weight?"
If you have, then you are like almost every one of my personal training clients. It's very confusing when you start an exercise/weight loss/ training program . You are working on so many different new things, you'd like the eating part to be simple, right?

I have found that my clients do best when the eating program is not too restrictive, too tedious, too difficult, has too many calculations.. you get the idea.
It has to be liveable!!

Also, as a trainer, one thing I never want is to see my clients lose weight then regain it. It's important that the eating plan be based in sound nutrition as well as something fits into day to day life.
It has to transcend the weight loss phase and become a lifestyle.

This is it!!!

I recommend The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged: Lasting Fat Loss That's Better than Ever to my clients and to anyone who will listen. Clean eating IS the way to get the body you want, not only aesthetically speaking but also for health.

What is Clean eating?
Author, Tosca Reno defines clean eating as eating six small meals of good food.

Yes.. six small meals.not just snacks or tidbits. Eating clean means you are fueling your body every 3-4 hours with healthy, non- processed food. You already know how I feel about processed foods!!!

Let's think about how Sumo Wrestlers become so big. They starve themselves all day then gorge with huge meals before going to bed. Not eating all day slows the metabolism down so your huge meals are stored as fat!

When you feed/fuel your body with healthy food, it boosts your metabolism so you are an efficient fat-burning machine.

The clean eating formula is borrowed from the Physique Industry where it's practiced by 1000's of followers.

The Body Beautiful Formula is as follows.
10 % training + 10 %genetics +
80 Pecent nutrition!

You really are what you eat!

I'm a huge fan of clean eating and on this blog you'll see that using tools like Michi's ladder and the Eat Clean diet are my favorites because they work.

In Tosca Reno's book, you'll not only get all the menus, you'll get the shopping lists you need as well as recipes.
It's very easy to read and understand. It is full of big, beautiful pictures and motivating success stories.

One of my clients used the "Cooler plan 1" and lost 10 pounds in his first week.

One thing you may not be used to is not being hungry.
Eating clean keeps your insulin levels steady so you aren't overwhelmed by hunger. Nice!!

If you are really ready for permanent weight loss and want the step by step program I and many trainers use for our clients, get this book!

You can pick it up at Target or Amazon.com.
At Amazon.com you can preview it.

Let me know how you are doing with your clean eating!!


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