Saturday, July 24, 2010

Better body through Box Jumps

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pump Leverage Group Ex experience does Jump Training

Athletes from a wide range of sports use plyometric training to help them reach peak physical condition. When used correctly, it can be a highly effective form of power training, especially when combined with a suitable strength training program.

Plyometrics refers to exercise that enables a muscle to reach maximum force in the shortest possible time The muscle is loaded with an eccentric (lengthening) action, followed immediately by a concentric (shortening) action.
Many athletes use it to improve their vertical leap. However, it also bridges the gap between power and speed.

In our Pump/ Leverage class and in my Personal Training, I use jump training for my athletes. Not every client wants to improve their sports performance but for many venturing into jump training, it provides immediate feedback on their progress. The above video showcases the athletes jumping the highest level. What is not shown, is that we started this drill on a 4 inch platform. Many of the class members had never done jump drills. It was exciting to see them safely leave their comfort zone and increase their athletic performance on the spot.

Other Benefits of Plyo/jump training
  • include building lean muscle
  • building bone density
  • preventing bone loss.


Plyometrics may aid injury prevention

Plyometric drills may aid in the prevention of ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries. However, plyometric drills must be performed with adequate warm-up and a gradual buildup period because some drills - with lateral movements - can actually cause ACL injury if they're not performed correctly.

Box jumps are not the only plyo moves out there. I frequently add moves like jump squats into my clients sessions. These are basic and do wonders for shaping the lower body as well as giving a great cardio interval.

As with all training, I follow the school of thought.. "if the result is not worth the risk, do not attempt" Every client has a unique goal but everyone can benefit from training that is tailored just for them.

FYI to prevent joint issues and overuse, we use cross training techniques and limit our heavy jump training to once a week.


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