Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Super Model Booty Blaster Workout

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Super Model Booty Blaster Workout

This ultra fast workout will give your booty Super Model defination and lift . The best part is you can do it quickly at home, or outside if you have 15 minutes to spare.

Equipment: 3-5 pound weights (optional)
Stairs for step ups.

How: Do the exercises in with a quick pace. Rest 30 seconds in between rounds. Repeat 3 times through.
If you are just starting out, begin with 1 round.

How Often: 3 x a week, every other day for fat shredding results.

*Warm up first by marching, jogging, or jumping jacks, jump rope, for 5 minutes

1. 20 Deep Squats
Feet Parallel, shoulder width apart. Weights in hand.
Squat down and come up to full standing. Tip: Sit your booty way back in the back seat of the car with chest on the dashboard. As you come up, make sure you squeeze the booty at the top of move.

2. 20 Jump squats with no weight.
Feet shoulder width apart. Squat down and jump up. Land softly. Dynamic movement will reshape the legs and booty!
The pace is quick! You'll feel this!

3. 20 Plie' Squats
Feet are wider than shoulder width apart. Toes are turned out.
Squat deep and quick. Press through the heels. Keep your shoulders back and abs tight. Squeeze squeeze Squeeze!
Weights are optional.

4. Step ups-15 each side
Stand facing step. Step up with one foot, lift back leg and squeeze booty at the top of the move. Step down and switch legs. The pace is quick, but keep squeezing and control so you don't lose form.
Weights are optional.

5. Walking Lunges -16 total
Stand with feet shoulder width.
Step out with right leg into deep lunge. Lift the left leg and step through into deep lunge. The pace is quick but take care to keep good form. Always squeeze the core and booty during the exercise.
Weights are optional.

After 3 rounds, be sure to stretch out your lower body for slinky, sexy muscles!


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