Friday, March 25, 2011

Tabata Results!!

Friday, March 25, 2011
This week we had another Tabata Challenge.
Sleek Body Bootcampers participated in 4
rounds of full body movement.

Our protocol was 20 seconds of work at the highest
level followed by 10 seconds of rest. We repeated
this cycle 8 times followed by 1 minute of rest.
Our full body moves were:
Jump/Plie' squats
Jack Knives
Sumo Squat/Knee
The scores are taken for personal best.
Scores for this team are:
Becky G: 438
Erica: 527
Andrea: 434
Alana: 578
Sarah: 485
Mandy: 441
Abby: 440
Stephanie: 429
Our total reps done in 16 minutes of work are 4285!!
Well Done!
Heard in Sleek Body Bootcamp: "Your logo is girlie, your workouts aren't."
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