Sunday, June 20, 2010

Best Eat Clean Bread Choices

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fiber-iffic bread choices for fat loss
PS. I'm in the FREEZER section!


Navigating your way through the grocery store is tricky when you are trying to 'eat clean'. Deciding what to buy can be tricky, especially when product labels are deceiving.

We know we need fiber in our diet but what are the best sources?

starLet's start with a quick overview of why fiber is important. star

"Fiber helps to keep our bowel movements regular and ward off certain diseases. Carcinogens in our intestines bind to it and move through our colon more quickly than they otherwise would, reducing our risk for colon cancer. Fiber also helps transport cholesterol out of our body, reducing our risk for heart disease.

Fiber makes us feel full sooner and stays in our stomach longer than other substances we eat, slowing down our rate of digestion and keeping us feeling full longer. Due to its greater fiber content, a single serving of whole grain bread can be more filling than two servings of white bread. Fiber also moves fat through our digestive system faster so that less of it is absorbed."**

Bear in mind that labels reading "whole grain" are made with the COMPLETE grain kernal. Don't be mislead by lables that read "100 % Wheat" or Multi-grain, or "wheat colored" products. Most wheat bread is white bread with caramel coloring added to give it more of a 'natural' look.

What kind of bread is a good choice?
The company Food For Life brings some of the best fiber products to comsumers. The Ezekiel 4:9 breads are a perfect choice for clean eating.

From the Food for life website:

What Is The Difference Between Enriched White Breads And Sprouted Food For Life Breads?

“Enriched” Breads are made from the endosperm of the wheat kernel (the inside portion), which contains few vitamins and minerals (most carbohydrates). The milling of grain into white flour requires the removal of the bran and the germ. During this process, important natural fiber and bran are lost (including 21 vitamins and minerals). 5 vitamins and minerals (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid) are added back into the flour and are thus, called “enriched”. By contrast, Food For Life sprouted breads are made from freshly sprouted grains which contain all of the fiber, bran, vitamins and minerals of the original grain plus an average of approximately 100% increase in those vitamins and minerals.

I love the Ezekiel 4:9 English muffins. The Rockstar and I often split an Ezekiel Mc Muffin for breakfast. It's very filling and having the protein (egg)and fiber together keeps me going.

I struck gold at Dierbergs markets in St. Louis.
They seem to stock more Ezekiel products than my local city grocers.
Remember, the Ezekiel breads are in the freezer section. If your
market doesn't carry it, let them know you want it!

If you are looking for Food for life products in your area,
check out the store locator on their website.

**thanks to Calories per hour's fiber tutorial


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