Monday, June 7, 2010

Selecting a heart rate monitor: FAQ

Monday, June 7, 2010

Picking a Heart Rate Monitor FAQ

What kind of heart rate monitor should I get?

There are all kinds to choose from, however, my clients have had great success with the monitors that use the strap. It fastens around your rib cage and sends a signal to your watch. 

We have found in training that the monitors that you have to “touch/press/hold” on the watch take time away from training and are sometimes difficult to get a pulse reading. The monitors with the chest strap will display your heart rate at all times for instant feedback.
Bonus:the EKG strap will also transmit your heart rate to some of the cardio equipment in the gym.

*Your monitor will be set up with your personal information/stats so your calorie burn and heart rate zones will be accurate.  Some monitors sound an alarm if you are out of your zone. This is a great reason to own your own monitor..
it’s all about you!

Most monitors will have the basics of calories burned and heart rate however there are many other features that you can get depending on the amount you want to invest.

Nutshell: Buy one with a strap that shows calories burned and heart rate. Bells and whistles are optional.

Which brand should I buy?
I love Polar and highly recommend them.
  You can view their watches and compare at AMAZON.COM I have the FT60 and the F7 and would not trade them for any other brand.

Where can I get a Heart Rate monitor?

You can purchase them at Target, Sports Authority, and other retail stores that sell workout gear. Higer end monitors are generally not in retail stores but available online.

Be sure to check , Ebay  or even  for great deals.  FYI: stay away from the el-cheapo monitors
on ebay that come from other countries.  They are terrible!

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