Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dierbergs Haul

Sunday, June 20, 2010
ezekiel cereal
Dierbergs Haul

Yesterday, we were in the county and stopped at Dierbergs for a few items and I almost fell over. Dierbergs has a very large 'organic' health food section that made me think I was in a Whole Foods. Not only did it contain bulk supplies of staples like Quinoa it had a freezer section. Now I know, that not every item in the 'health food' section is a proper choice for clean eating, but it was exciting to find more than one option for the items I already use.

I have never seen the Ezekiel 4:9 cereals.
Dierbergs carried all 4 varieties.
I'm pretty much a Grape Nuts eater, so this opens some new possibilites. For you lable junkies, check out the ingredients and nutritional breakdown by clicking here.
Sugars= 0g, Fiber 6 g Protein=8gm

I also found several varietes of Ezekiel and Genesis bread and muffins!

Steaz is a product I'm not familiar with, but I found this flavor, Black Cherry Sparkling Green Tea is sweetened with Stevia.

Zevia is a brand of diet soda that is sweetened with Stevia.
They are actually good. We bought the Ginger / Root beer.
Granted, these are items are treats and not on my daily menu.
It's nice to have choices.

zevia soda

It's likely that Whole Foods carries many of these items, but our closest
WF is a bit of a trek.
Thanks to Dierbergs STL for making these items accessable.


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