Sunday, June 20, 2010

Body Weight training: Triceps

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Body Weight Training -Triceps

We've been incorporating more body weight training into our workouts with great results. Taking bodyweight training to my clients was a brand new experience for many of them. Last Saturday, our team
used the Lebert Equalizers for tricep work. I asked them to execute this move to their personal best. I asked them to stop when they broke proper form. It didn't take long to burn out those triceps.

One thing that is interesting is that we had lifted free weights and this team had no trouble getting through full sets however, once we switched to bodyweight training, everything changed. We all did fewer reps but felt the work so much more!

When you use your EQ you can adjust it to your fitness level simply by changing your position. Two of our team members were new to body weight training so I placed them in a beginner position. Kelly and Rob have trained with me for quite a while so they were able to rock out more reps with a straighter back.

Have you tried the EQ? What is your favorite move?


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