Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is Kim and Khloe's diet healthy???

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is Kim and Khloe Kardashian's diet healthy?

The Kardashian girls are never ones to shy away from publicity and in this week's Life & Style they dish on their weight loss secrets.
Khloe says she's lost 25 pounds and gone from a size 10 to a size 6.
Kim has lost a solid 10 pounds and gone from a size 6 to a size 2.

Way to go!!!

My questions are "How did they do it?" and "Is it healthy?"

According to the sisters, they ate a variety of protein packed meals with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. According to the sample menus shown, the program looks very balanced and processed foods are missing from the meals. Both girls say they removed cookies and candy from their purses and their diet while on this program.

Kim starts her day with a protein shake made with bananas and peanut butter- and excellent sourse of protein.

Khloe starts her day off with a protein packed breakfast of oatmeal or eggs, turkey bacon and fruit.

Overall, I think this eating plan is solid and very healthy. It doesn't require ordering special food and the menus look easy to prepare.

How can you do it at home?
What I like about this eating plan is that it is very close to
Michi's ladder.

It involves eating quality foods to fuel the body. A few changes I might make, based on the pictures/menus shown:
Khloe's breakfast shows white toast. I would swap that for
Ezekial whole grain bread. White bread raises insulin while whole grains give you the fiber you need and keep you from being hungry.

For the lunch menu, I would swap the spanish rice for whole grain brown rice, Quinoa, or even legumes like lentils.
Again.. kick that white rice to the curb!!

Kim starts her day with a great shake from Body Factory LA. If you don't live near one..try Shakeology. It comes in Greenberry and Chocolate and actually contains more nutrition than the shake listed on the Body Factory website.


The sisters also added suplements to their program to give them energy, detox benefits and flush the body. I love this as well.
Check out Beachbody's supplements here!

Both Kim and Khloe added workouts to their program and it shows!
They both look healthy and toned.
Overall, I give this program 5 stars. I think it hits the mark based on healthy meals, sound nutrition, exercise and realistic results!
I won't deduct for the white bread and white rice since that could have been added by the magazine in the recreation of the meals.

Kim and Khloe, I'll give you an extra High Five if you elminate
the bacon/meat products :)

starstarstarstar star

click here to see the large image with menus


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