Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 12: Cardio power and resistance

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today's warm up was much better. Although there is that drama at about the 3 minute mark where my legs feel like lead. Starting with the jogging right off the bat into Log Jumps is where I want to start grousing. Once I get past the first circuit, I'm feeling pretty good. My pulse was at 153 after only 3 minutes into the warm up.

This disc is about 40 minutes and includes some very interesting resistance moves. I'm actually happy when it's time for V-Pushups. That's a rest for me. The leaps.. not so much!

Everything in this disc requires you work from the core.

If you aren't.. UR DOIN IT WRONG!


Things that helped me today.

1. Using my Yoga focus. I guess that's what Shaun T. means by "Dig deeper". I had to really glaze over and stop thinking about anything else while I was in the moment. This is a bit of a struggle and something I try work on in my Yoga practice. I have some exercise A.D.D. I probably attribute that more to teaching than anything else. I am thinking about my next moves or what's going on around me. During this workout.. I have to regroup. It helped a lot today.

2. Sips of water, not gulps. I got nauseous when I drank too much water at once.

3. Great playlist. We turn off the music on the DVD (thank you, Beach Body, for that feature) and it helps so much. This weekend we are going to put together some playlists for our workouts that don't slow down. Music really motivates me. I need it and I need it kind of loud.

Heart Rate

My heart rate peaked at 168 BPM.

Isn't that like "You are dead" ? We call it "sucking air".

My Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) is 176.

To figure it MHR, take

220-YOUR AGE= MHR.****

I peaked at 95 % of my MHR. I wanted to note that I'm doing this program without MONSTER drinks or Sugar Free Redbull. Not because it's part of the program but because I'm trying to limit my caffeine. I'm not saying I never use it, but today I did not. Even though I was at 95% of my MHR, I did not stay there the entire time. I fluctuated between 155 and 168. I'm hopeful that as I continue to get in better cardiovascular shape, I'll lower my resting pulse. I feel good today!
I'm definately improving.

Tomorrow is Pure Cardio AND Cardio Abs. DOUBLE WORKOUT!


*****This formula is the easy US version. If you want to get some other formulas just Google" Maximum heart rate". There are calculators to help. ;)



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