Sunday, August 30, 2009

INSANITY rocks the core

Sunday, August 30, 2009
Rob working core

Day 25-28

I've been going through some trainings and Rob has had meetings so we've split our workouts. Day 29 starts our Recovery week and frankly, I'm ready. The full week of Core Cardio and Balance will be welcome because the last few days I haven't had the loads of energy.


Cardio Abs is a 20 minute workout that starts with jogging core work. Who would have though that was necessary. :)

You move into core jump sets. The wide Oblique jumps are killer. I feel so much weaker in the jogging/jumping portion. It's something that is really new to me since starting this series. I fight for height in my jump and as long as you are jumping from the bottom it's a lot easier. There's a guy on the video who looks like he has springs on his feet. He's a machine.

We move into matwork which is done in the c-curve position.
I think this portion feels like it is taken from Pilates. Not exactly what you'd see in Pilates but uses the principals. I always remove my shoes for this part of the workout. I do not need the extra bulk of my shoes messing with my balance. I actually toss in a little Pilates matwork with this portion. I'm not showboating, just found a spot here and there that moves like "The Saw" or Leg circles fit nicely.
Shaun T does not show many modification on the C-curve mat work but you can move your arms back a bit to take the stress off your back. I follow the Pilates rule with these abs-

You'll hear that throughout INSANITY and it rings true.


We finish with Plank work. Most people don't do Plank because they hate it. But they hate it because they don't do it.


Drop right now and hold plank for 1 minute. Make this a priority.
When I'm teaching I hear so many moans from students who don't want to do it. Plank is an incredibly important move for core strength and rock hard abs. I will keep this disc as part of my rotation after I finish INSANITY. It's a winner!

Working on Teaser


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