Monday, August 3, 2009

Day one: fit test

Monday, August 3, 2009

WOW... If you have any doubts as to whether this program is serious, you will lose those doubts, straight out of the gate.

The Fit Test is intense, tons of plyometrics and cardio... I am starting to understand that when this program is over, I will have elevated my fitness nearly to the level of a true athelete.  The drills which you run in the fit test resemble drills you see in Professional Sports training programs, and they just don't stop.

The key to the fittest is speed and perseverence, you are trying to knock out as many of each drill in the allotted time, so you are pushing for your Peak performance every minute of the test... the breaks are short, the sweat is abundant, and when you are done, you feel it.

Now I have read in forums and beta boards, that many do not make it through even the fit test, and it is important that you hide the remote when you start the test or any of the INSANITY workouts.  NO PAUSE, if you want the results, you have to do it straight up... and what is the point of pausing the fit test, that's cheating and in this case you are only cheating yourself.

The fit test consists of (in parenthesis are the number I did):

  • Switch Kicks (96)
  • Power Jacks (68)
  • Power Knees (86)
  • Power Jumps (44)
  • Globe Jumps (9)
  • Suicide Jumps (9)
  • Push-up Jacks (21)
  • Low Plank Obliques (25)

I was pleased with my numbers, compared to the people in the video, and I'm excited to increase these numbers and decrease my body fat.

Ready for DAY 2, more work, more sweat....bring on the results.




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