Monday, August 10, 2009

Stressed out

Monday, August 10, 2009
Today was HARD!

Day 8/60

Today was horrible. I hated it. I'm not trying to be negative but my stress level is through the roof! It's back to school time, we have a sick kid, a few other stressors.. I feel like everything just piled up and I could feel my blood pressure go up. Right before we started
Cardio Power and Resistance,
I had words with one of the kids over something totally inconsequential. I had to spend some quality time in Downward dog before I started in on this workout!

Sidebar: Sometimes its the day to day parenting that just gets to ya!

Working out :
The warm- up was extra grueling. My legs felt like lead. We had already walked for over an hour, rested up, ate meal number one but I still felt like I was 100 years old.

The warm-up starts out with some of the hardest cardio I've ever done in all the years I've taught classes. It got better after the stretch but I was seriously having trouble getting through this one. I actually like this one because it has resistance training. The V pushups, Plank/sprints and tricep dips are my favs. I had to sit out a few times but I did finish. I did not finish with the attitude I wish I did. We need a better play list! I think that will help.

I'm going to run choreography for Turbo Kick later today so I'm going to make sure to replenish. On a brighter note. I got a lovely birthday package from one of my besties. That made me feel better.



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