Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top 10 reasons to love INSANITY

Thursday, August 20, 2009
Sham Wow for INSANITY
Necessities: Sham wow,Insanity and a Beardie.
10. Menu Plan contains so much food. Not just snacks but 5 meals a day of real food.
9. Nutrition plan is easy to follow.
8. Workouts average less than 1 hour a day.
7. You can't cheat. You want to do it at 100 percent but even if you did this workout on auto pilot, it would still kick your butt.
6. Sweat. Detoxifying sweat comes out of every pore. I've never sweat so much in my entire fitness career. It's really that intense. You sweat so much you need a Sham-Wow to keep it together. I have one for the floor too, so I don't break my neck from doing a slip down. By the way, I trained the University football team in college. They worked out hard but not like this,

5. The stretching is perfect. Shaun T also focuses on the hip flexor, groin area a lot. Many programs scrimp on that area and we really need to stay flexible there. Men often have flexibility issues in this area so the added focus makes a huge difference in performace of pretty much everything including the day to day stuff.


4. You can turn the music off and use your own. Great feature.
3. It's 60 days not 90! Woot

2. INSANITY shows you exactly where you are strong and where you need work. No second guessing here.

1. Rapid results. It works. You can see and feel changes every day.

Yes.. it's INSANE but you know you are up to the challenge!! Can you even imagine how you'll look in 60 days!

Get more info on getting started by clicking here!


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