Saturday, August 22, 2009


Saturday, August 22, 2009
tricep dips

DAY 19 Core Cardio and Resistance

Tough workout yesterday, but it was really good. The harder I work, I find myself with Exercise Induced Tourettes. (EIT.. I made that up) Now.. I want to say that I mean no disrespect to those with Tourette Syndrome, which is a horrible, horrible thing. I am just having a hard time describing this INSANITY induced happening.


Moving from V-pushups to ball pushups, to plank sprints and then back to more pushups at high speeds and intensity makes me just scream the weirdest nonsense. Yes.. the "I CAN DO THIS" and "Somebody kill me" gets mixed in with expletive anacronyms. (We've got kids here, you know). My new scream is ENFAMIL. It started out as F.M.L. (if you aren't sure.. don't worry about it.. you don't need to know). So now ENFAMIL is part of my EIT blasts.


The most logical reason could be that I'm not breathing much and needing oxygen. Shaun T tells you to take deep breaths all the way through but that's a challange when you are working at maximum intensity. I compare the feeling to a pressure cooker blowing. That's what it feels like.

Once in a while I find myself mumbling incoherently while doing this workout. I've seen Shaun T. doing that as well so I'm not too worried.

Today , Day 20, is our off day this week. We are going to film tomorrow's workout so we'll have some more clips this week!

We'll bleep out the EIT. :)



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